Would you like to part-own our pub?

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Our crowd funding campaign has launched!

‘The Royal’ actor, Robert Daws cut the ribbon for us at a fabulous night which saw our old pub bulging at the seams with neighbours and supporters as we showed the film we made for our campaign for the very first time.

In the first few days of our launch, we have raised an additional £5000. That’s truly amazing. It seems people really understand why the Queens Head is so important to us and want to help.

Perhaps you can too.

We’ve lost so much already

Like many rural communities, Tebworth has already lost so much, like our shop, our post office and our little village school.

Fifty years ago, Anglia TV made a programme called ‘A Dying Village’ about a community which was losing its traditional identity. That programme was about Tebworth. Since that film was made we have lost so much more, like our shop, our post office and our little school too.

It’s true, we’ve become diminished in resources, but the residents themselves are not diminished. We have a strong community spirit.

Turns out, you can lose an ‘arm and a leg’ and still survive, but you simply can’t survive without a beating heart and, for us, our pub is the absolute heart of our community. Without the Queen’s Head, we will become just another drive-through village.

We’ve managed to raise £150,000 to try and buy our pub from Charles Wells, but the brewery has turned down our offer. They want more, so the new crowd funding campaign is very important to us indeed.

Please help us by pledging what you can to help us. From ‘buy a pint for £10’ to ‘Superhero investor’ at £40,000, we hope you will become one of the supporters and shareholders that will save the Queens Head for Tebworth.

Benefits of investing

In addition to helping Save the Queen’s Head for this and future generations, and turning it into a thriving community pub that you want to visit, why would you invest? Well, you would:

  • Become co-owner of a lovely rural pub
  • Receive rewards for your faith in us (see site for details)
  • Benefit from exclusive shareholder offers
  • Join in special shareholder events
  • Receive annual interest payments when profits allow

Share offer details

Please see the prospectus and business plan for full details of the share offer. The minimum shareholder investment is £500, which will grant you 2 shares at £250 each and you can invest any amount from £500 to £40,000.

Whatever your investment, you will be part-owner of this fantastic community pub – and your commitment will be welcome and appreciated. If you wish to pledge an amount not listed please bid in multiples or click on the link to send the Save the Queen’s Head team a message at  savethequeenshead@gmail.com

The crowd funding campaign is to purchase shares in Tebworth Community Pub Ltd, a Community Benefit Society registered in England, Registration No. 7402.

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